[News] Nether… In MCPE?

Looks like the Microsoft purchase has only brought good things! Earlier today, MCPE developer Tommaso Checchi tweeted the above picture of… the nether?

It seems as though Microsoft have provided Mojang a team of developers, working all the way in Redmond where the Micorsoft headquarters are located.

 As evident from an earlier tweet, lead developer Jens Bergensten has had a bunch of meetings there, presumably about huge updates from the Microsoft team.

Currently the release date for the nether update is unknown, but as ghasts and magma cubes are secretly already in the game, I’m sure it will be sometime soon, especially if there’s a bunch more developers working on the game at Microsoft.


Excited for the nether? Comment what feature you’re most looking forward to below!

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  • Cozy Dude commented on 24/04/2015 Reply

    This has to be a device crasher. 😀

    • PocketMines commented on 24/04/2015 Reply

      No reason why ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Jammer commented on 24/04/2015 Reply


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