[News] 0.11.0 Beta. PocketNews Episode #2

Hope you guys enjoyed the video! This week’s special guest is DezNik45, an unique Minecraft PE YouTuber.

►Maps of the Week
Huge Ruined City – http://bit.ly/1CFo9eF
Biggest Medieval Kingdom – http://bit.ly/1Fz8wNp
Death Sentence Arena – http://bit.ly/1NspLEt

►Mods of the Week
PocketPower (Redstone Mod) – http://bit.ly/1ajNZ18
Elemental Swords Mod – http://bit.ly/1Lt7ikJ
AquaCreeper Mod – http://bit.ly/1D8fMMv

►Seed of the Week: cool cavern

► Video of the Week: The Birth of Blockinator – http://bit.ly/1D8fOE6

TheAlaninator – http://bit.ly/1FzaIVh
BlockCraftMC – http://bit.ly/1ygXQ3a
MrTophatsMCPE – http://bit.ly/1CFpi5Y

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