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[Tutorial] Secret Mobs in 0.11.0?!

Turns out there are some hidden features in the new 0.11.0 beta. Namely ghasts, magma cubes, and cave spiders. They’ve even got full AIs and features, so they may be precoded for 0.12.0- maybe for a nether update?

Their not obtainable in game, so you’ve got use an app called PocketInvEditor to cheat the spawn eggs into your inventory.

  1. First, find the world you want to play with in PocketInvEditor
  2. Edit the inventory and add a new slot by tapping the 3 dots in the corner
  3. You can do the same for the other damage values- 40 for cave spiders, 41 for ghasts, and 42 for magma cubes
  4. If you open MCPE, you should have some spawn eggs!

Have fun, but be careful of the ghast fire charges!

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  • Fabiocrafteer1 commented on 13/04/2015 Reply

    Cave Spiders are confirmed for The full 0.11.0 infact poison effect and all potion effect were added along with it and bats and squids 😉 By the way thanks!

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