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[Map] The Blaze Boss!

The Blaze Boss is the second installment of a series of 26 maps listing from A-Z created by YJProject1. It is very encouraged to have played the previous map ‘The Aether Adventure‘ before continuing with the series. This adventure includes over an hour of game-play, crazy redstone alternatives & builds, droppers, parkour, and a scavenger hunt for 10 hidden wool throughout the map!



Story Line:

After waking up from a terrible nightmare, dreaming that you were in a nasty aether dimension will a lot of traps, you decided to have a walk next to your house to relax a bit. However, for some reason, there was a shiny purple portal in the back end of the park. Curious of what was inside, you stepped in but could not go back. After going through a maze, you just realized that there was always nether fortresses in the nether, you decided to go for it to find another portal to the over-world. Soon after beating various challenges such as solving puzzles, discovering things, doing parkour, you finally found the nether fortress, but to the opposite of the lava pit. You meet a magician who makes a flying potion to fly to the fort. You arrived to the nether fortress and beat the evil blaze. It died with an epic explosion and made a portal to the over-world, you came out of the portal only to discover a random forest in the wild…


  • This map is available for 1-2 players
  • Do not break, place, or craft any blocks and items unless told to do so
  • Play in survival and peaceful mode
  • Try not to rage quit and have fun!




YJProject may or may not update this map to the Minecraft: Pocket Edition version 0.11.0. If you are playing this map on the latest version, expect bugs.


Get it- Blaze Boss


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