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[Map] Victorian Mansion

Built on top of a hill, in between and mega taiga biome, and an oak forest biome, Victorian Mansion sits. A beautifully sculpted brick mansion, topped with quartz and spruce wood plank blocks. It was hand built by Laorynas, an active member in the Minecraft Pocket Edition community on both twitter, and MCPE Hub.


Victorian Mansion was also built as a map for the computer version of Minecraft by wastedgamer, which you can find a download to here.


Sadly we do not have any more images of the map itself, but you download the map you will be able to take a first person tour around it! If you like Victorian Mansion for MCPE, be sure to drop a comment telling us below. Do not forget to visit Laorynas’ social media links provided below either!


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Get it- Victorian Mansion


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