[News] 0.11.0 – This Week?!?

Woohoo! Mojang’s @Bopogamel has spilled the beans on the new update- and it’s being released later this week!

Owen expands on what’s happening with skins too. “Bundles of paid skins will also be available. Each pack will contain around 20 skins, and will cost $0.99/€0.79/£0.79″ he says. “Our first two: City Folk and Town Folk have been designed by the talented, kind, and pixellated Army of Trolls.” If you want some of these skin packs, but don’t want to spend your money, then fear not! He says they’ll release a couple free skins with new packs. Anyway, you can install any skin from the internet too, if you’d rather have a free and unique skin.’

He was also kind enough to share the ‘official’ changelog, though the one on the wiki is far more detailed ;P

Yes! The upcoming update brings loads more cool stuff. Here are some highlights from the changelog:

  • Multiple language support
  • Boats with space for two! Take your pet for a pleasant ride.
  • The ability to throw stuff from boats, including snowballs and eggs
  • Fishing! Now you can fish for fishies!
  • Squids!
  • Spider jockeys!
  • Cave Spiders!
  • Bats!
  • Adorable baby zombies!
  • Weird chicken jockeys!
  • Edible clownfish. Yum!
  • A fancy new World Edit screen so you can rename worlds, change game modes and do other things
  • Creative players can no longer be set on fire. Controversial
  • We’ve stopped cheeky chickens from walking on water
  • Animals can no longer breed without touching each other ooh err
  • Drinking milk now removes mob effects
  • Ridiculous amounts of bug fixes
  • More cool things that you should discover for yourself

We’ll have more news when the update is actually released, so stay tuned for that. Comment if you’re excited! What’s your favourite new feature?


Read Mojang’s official article here.

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