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[Mod] Camouflage Blocks


These camo blocks are pretty neat! A camouflage block is super sneaky, and pretends to be any block that you give it.

All you need to do is tap a camo block with whatever block you wish to disguise it as- what’s more, it won’t use your block up either! You can use these to save expensive blocks, or to make building structures easier. Just try to break a camouflaged block, and it will return to it’s normal undisguised state.

They’re pretty cheap too, just 8 wood and some bonemeal. Watch the video above, and download this awesome mod below!

Get it- Camo Blocks


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  • Alberto commented on 09/10/2015 Reply


  • Winona wong commented on 14/06/2015 Reply

    Your so cool make more of those mods keep up the great good work

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