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[News] Fireworks In MCPE?

To begin this post, I would just like to clarify that fireworks have not been officially implemented into Minecraft Pocket Edition. This is only a trick by Dan Spiteri, lead developer of the InPvP Network, through coding.

Fireworks in Pocket Edition happened… sort of. Dan used coding to make particles look like fireworks during a live stream of his yesterday – and surprisingly, they look really good!

Fireworks are awesome, and only available on a certain InPvP server, with the IP address of Triggering them is simple, just type the command “/f [size] [distance] [fuse]” into the chat, and they will fly up in the air to make their cool effects!

There is multiple types of fireworks. Dan shows a couple of the off in a couple more tweets.

CEP0M1DW8AEVG65 (1) CEMP8vNUkAAou8i (1)

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  • PocketMines commented on 06/05/2015 Reply

    Oh cool! ModPE script idea…

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