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[Texture] Flow’s HD + Shaders

2013-11-10_165802_6664190IMG_20150521_075255 IMG_20150521_075552

Flow’s is one of my favourite HD texture packs. It’s designed to bring a modern and organic feel to Minecraft.

Flow’s HD is used by most pro modern builders, so if you wanna build something that looks new and clean, Flow’s is perfect for that.

This awesome new version by porter shadowalker includes the fancy shader textures, so your game will not only look really modern, it will also look beautiful thanks to the shaders 😀

Get it- Flow's HD


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  • Yuliana commented on 01/04/2018 Reply

    Me gusta esto

  • Teijohn commented on 13/09/2015 Reply

    I like this texter pack it looks good

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