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[News] Lifeboat Survival Games Update

Lifeboat Survival Games was the very first game mode released on the Lifeboat Network. Throughout its time of existence, it has only grown to be more popular. Maps come and go – in this case, they are only coming! Lifeboat Survival Games version eight was announced back in April, and its release date is approaching!

SerperiorCraft, a map developer for the Lifeboat Network team, listed off maps that will show up in the new Lifeboat Survival Games update, which will be released around the same date Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.11.0 is also released.

SerperiorCraft also showed off an image of one of the new maps that this new game mode update will consist of.

This new update is very exciting! Though, not only is this specific game mode receiving an update, skywars is as well, and that is something you can read more about here.

To stay up to date with all the Lifeboat related news, keep checking back at our site! Alternatively, be sure to follow the official Lifeboat Network Twitter account.

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  • Presdude3 commented on 13/05/2015 Reply

    I made a map will u put it in lbsg. Plz.

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