[News] Lifeboat Universal Lobby

Lifeboat’s way of joining servers has never been that simple. If you wanted to play Survival Games, you must join with an IP address dedicated to that game mode (sg.lbsg.net). Want to play Skywars? You must join through a separate IP address for that too (sw.lbsg.net) – along with every other game mode Lifeboat hosts!

This will all be changed in a huge upcoming Lifeboat Network update, that has been in the works for some time now, and is finally nearing its release. This update will consist of new Survival Games features, new Skywars features, less lag, and the best of all, a universal lobby! I know what you are thinking – what the heck is that?! This means that rather than having hundreds of IP addresses for players to connect to-to play a specific game, there will now be only one server, and of course, only one IP address.

Never again will you have to join one server for Survival Games, and another for Skywars. It is all in one place! When you connect to the new universal server, you will be greeted with a beautiful spawn built by the Lifeboat Network map building team. There will be different portals that connect you to each game mode upon entry. Game modes such as Survival Games, Skywars, The Walls PvP, and others will be avilable to play on this new server.



As stated earlier in this article, this Lifeboat Network update is releasing very soon. Its expected to be finished around the time Minecraft Pocket Edition’s upcoming 0.11.0 update is released. To stay up to date, keep checking back at our site! Another way to keep up with the news is by following the official Lifeboat Network Twitter account.

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