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[News] Livestream MCPE on iOS & Android

A new application for iOS and Android devices has emerged, that allows mobile users to watch and broadcast their favourite mobile games, such as Minecraft PE. Much like Twitch, Mobcrush lets you stream to hundreds of viewers, all from your iOS7/8 or Android device.


“Gamers have been able to livestream from desktop for some time now, and that has created tremendous demand for streaming of native mobile gameplay without the need for a PC and additional equipment,” says Matt Mazzeo, an investor in Mobcrush. “Mobcrush packs the passion and the talent to lead streaming games into its next natural evolution on mobile.” It’s really easy to stream on Mobcrush- just install the app on your Android or iOS7/8 device by heading over to, and tap the install button.


Mobcrush is rapidly gaining in popularity. With popular YouTubers such as JackFrostMiner and DaphneElaine streaming on the app, the number users has increased from 500 to 5,000 in two weeks.

Royce Disini, the company’s CEO, said that the app tries it’s hardest to stream the highest video quality without stealing processing power from a game. It can get 60FPS even on graphically heavy games, such as VainGlory. “We grab it at the lowest level, at the OpenGL or metal layer, so it’s non-blocking.” he says. “We don’t affect performance, and the battery life hit is minimal.”


The ability to stream without lagging and without wasting battery life is really enticing, and you should see plenty more Minecraft PE players flocking to this streaming service.

You can download the Mobcrush app here– just visit the link on your iOS 7, iOS 8, or Android device, and hit the install button. It looks like they’ll be a web interface shortly, so you’ll be able to watch from your computer too.

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