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[Lifeboat] Lots of Lifeboat!

Did you see the title? That’s right—Lifeboat has its own prefix now, since I blog about it so much! 

Now let’s hop into the real topic of today’s article. Since there hasn’t been much news about Lifeboat servers lately, I decided to wait a couple of weeks, and then create a summary of every new feature mentioned.

To start us off, let’s discuss Lifeboat Spleef. As you may have read in my previous articles I have written about this game mode, it is receiving a massive update soon: new maps, new lobby, and hopefully more! SerperiorCraft released an image of the new lobby that will be featured on spleef.


Moving on from that topic, let’s discuss the Walls PvP game mode coming in Lifeboat v8. This has been talked about a lot, especially on here (MCPE Stuffs). Even though I have written a post about everything shown in this image before, I figured it would be neat to show it off in this summary article nonetheless! Here is an in-game image of Lifeboat Walls PvP.


Also related to the Walls PvP game mode, it is announced that there will be kits available to players to use during matches. Though we do not yet have confirmation on which each kit will provide as far as inventory items goes, we do have the kit names!


Finally, let’s look over the survival games game mode. Like a company’s smartphone, survival games is almost like a flagship. It’s Lifeboat’s most anticipated game mode. Even though they just recently updated it with new maps—why not more?



For now, that’s all there is to cover as far as Lifeboat news goes. Please note that everything announced in this article is being publicly released in the upcoming Lifeboat v8 update.

To keep updated, continuously check back at our website!

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  • FROSTgurl commented on 18/07/2015 Reply

    Can you please give me all ur servers. I would like all your servers because I would love to try them. Please reply soon with all of your servers thanks.
    . Can you add the names, addresses, and port for me. Thank you again. 🙂

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