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[News] MCPE 0.11.0 Beta – Build 10

The release of the official 0.11.0 update still has yet to come. Developers have continued to release new builds for the beta, fixing bugs, as well as adding new features to the game.

Below you will find the changelog of the newest 0.11.0 beta build.


Changelog For Build 0.11.0 Beta 10

New features
– Skin packs are now available!
– Third person interactions are only available in front of the player
– Increased creative mode interaction range

Bug fixes
– Clients connecting to the server would teleport the host when spawning
– Hotbar won’t shift to the left anymore
– Fixed leaves item names
– Fixed food particles having the wrong type
– Players are affected by knockback on servers
– Players can be pulled by a fishing rod
– Chat, PotionEffect and Similar buttons will only open when tapping (not dragging).
– Increased amount of gravel on Extreme Hills Mutated biome
– World opening errors are now logged (for future fixes)

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