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[News] MCPE Controller Support Confirmed!

One feature that I know a whole bunch of us have been waiting for has been confirmed- the ability to use third party controllers with Minecraft PE. Developer Tommaso Checci confirmed this in his recent tweets-

Cool, right? This will be great for those of us who prefer the console version controls over the touch screen controls. 0.8.2 was released for the Amazon Fire TV, which used a fancy controller, and it worked great. It’ll be awesome to use the same features in newer updates and on our phones and tablets.

We can expect to see proper controller support in 0.12.0, or maybe 1.0.0 if that’s next. Who knows?

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  • natalia commented on 28/08/2015 Reply

    What app works beat

  • Winsley commented on 31/07/2015 Reply

    My controller is wirless

  • Winsley commented on 31/07/2015 Reply

    Tommaso Checchi how do you connect Xbox 360 Controller?

  • Porkypig135 commented on 17/07/2015 Reply

    How will you hook it up like will you need wires for controller suport

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