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[News] Minecraft PE Forum Hacked

The popular Minecraft PE Forum over at the now deceased was recently hacked, before it shut down.

@rmsg0d from TeaMp0isoN published the forum’s user database containing 16,125 records with usernames, encrypted passwords, e-mail addresses, and multiple other records the forum kept- including my own. If you check out the data, you can even find people’s birth dates.

With all this data, the hackers can easily target these users, especially seeing as the emails and birthdates are available. It may not worth them going to the lengths of trying to unencrypt every password, but if anyone did bother to unencrypt these badly secured passwords that are publicly available on the internet, they could easily access the user’s Twitter account, email, PayPal, etc.

If you had an account on, it’s definitely a great idea to change your password. We will not publicise the released data. You can check if your passwords were released by using this tool made by Falkirks.

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