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[Mod] More Hotbar Slots

This mod for Pocket Edition was developed by HellPie along with the help of MCMrARM. What it provides is something small – but it is extremely helpful and useful. It of course forces more slots on the hotbar in-game, nine to be exact!

In order to install this mod, you must be using BlockLauncher beta for 0.11.0, which you can download here. If you would like to read, clone, or compile the code used with this mod, you may find it here.

Using the mod with split-touch enabled


Using the mod with split-touch disabled


All in all, this mod is great! The amount of hotbar slots Minecraft Pocket Edition provides by default is not enough, and everyone knows that! So why not give this a shot?

Please be sure to follow on Twitter, HellPie, the main developer of this awesome mod, as well as MCMrARM who helped out with the making of it.

Get it- More Hotbar Slots


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