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[News] New Lifeboat Walls PvP Map?

A few days ago I wrote an article about a new upcoming game mode for the Lifeboat Network, which was The Walls PvP. Lifeboat has yet to release this new game mode (which at this early point in time does not surprise me), but there is already a map being made for it—so it seems. This map was announced earlier this afternoon by w1th0utt3rr0r, also formally known as Llom007. 

w1th0utt3rr0r did not confirm this as a map for the upcoming game mode on the Lifeboat Network, but he did give some clues that told us it was.

The tweet above is not just any old picture of a map. Of course, that is the map I have been referring to throughout this whole article, but there is something in this image that gives away the clues of this being a map for The Walls PvP. Take a look at w1th0utt3rr0r’s hotbar. You may be able to notice that he has three heads lined up in the center, with cobblestone wall blocks placed beside them, all on purpose. Those are not just any old heads—they are actually the heads of William Teder’s Minecraft skin, and a coupe of other Lifeboat Network staff members’ skins. And the cobblestone wall blocks around them? Those of course represent the walls factor in “The Walls PvP“.


Still not convinced this a map for The Walls PvP game mode? w1th0utt3rr0r later tweeted this after the first one.

Notice the emoticons he provides—one is a boat being rowed through the water, which most likely represents “Lifeboat“—and the other is a wall-like object, often used for construction work to block off roads, which most likely represents “The Walls PvP“.

Now you are convinced! Personally, I think it is safe to say we solved his clues, and hopefully w1th0utt3rr0r soon tweets out some more images of this good looking map. To stay updated, be sure to follow him on Twitter, or keep checking back at our site for more news like this!


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  • Josh commented on 09/05/2015 Reply

    Wow, that looks fun! I want to play that.

    • PocketMines commented on 09/05/2015 Reply

      We’re glad you’re excited 🙂

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