[Map] Planet Ephixa (Review)

Let me just start off by saying this map was very fun to play. It includes four different levels, topped with a final stage at the end. Something I found unique about Planet Ephixa is that it wasn’t just any other adventure map. Though it did have a scavenger hunt for diamond blocks, along with parkour as well—Bethany used invisible bedrock to make a certain level ore fun. This level was confusing to me at first, and really boggled my mind. What do I do here? How do I complete this? Luckily, I went back to the entrance of this level, and found a hint Bethany gave.

I really liked the scavenger hunt as well. Even though it was original, it was enjoyable. You are placed in a cave, and have to search for five diamond blocks.

YQBTlRP - Imgur

Even though ninety percent of all Minecraft Pocket Edition maps have this, I did enjoy the nether-themed parkour. What else can you expect from a Minecraft Pocket Edition map, though? The game is very limited, unlike Minecraft computer edition.

UxGqCGr - Imgur

So you have heard about the good—but what is the bad? Well, as stated before, some parts of this map are original. Though, again, there is not a ton you can get out of a Minecraft Pocket Edition map.

huT8Oht - Imgur

I also felt this to be a shorter map than I expected. In total, it took about around fifteen to twenty minutes to complete this map. That’s a short time for an adventure map—though I do not think Bethany was going for a forty-five minute game play time either.

w6L9sfl - Imgur

So those are my thoughts on Planet Ephixa. How your own opinions? Leave some in the comments if you have played this map before—I would love to hear some.

Please note that these are only my honest opinions. In this article, I am not speaking on behalf of MCPE Stuffs.

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  • Minecraft PE Maps commented on 24/02/2016 Reply

    I wanna know how to download the map portal

  • MCPE Maps commented on 10/12/2015 Reply

    Good maps

  • Bradley commented on 04/12/2015 Reply

    I wanna know how to download the map portal

  • Bradley commented on 04/12/2015 Reply

    I wanna know how to download the map

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