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Back with another interview, we are here today with MCPEPorts (SPL1TR), who is the founder/creator of MCPE Universe. Without wasting any more time, let’s hop into the interview part of this post!

The Interview

Q: What gave you the idea to develop MCPE Universe?

A: I was a part of the MCPE community from the very beginning when it first arrived on the appstore. After the first couple of updates I started to port PC maps over to Pocket Edition. I created my own blog (minecraftpeworlds.blogspot.com) where I uploaded all my content. After which I thought why not make a website where everyone can upload their maps, and not just mine. The Minecraft Forums at the time were very messy for Pocket Edition – it was very hard to find good content, so I created a website that would only host MCPE content, and made it easy to browse for such content.

Q: If anyone did, who helped you during the development stages of the site?

A: I developed the site mostly on my own, but I did get some very good ideas from the community – from the name of the site, to what features should be implemented. Some people in the community
were very enthusiastic about the idea and helped me in the very beginning like LLom007. Once the site got started some of the bigger names in the community helped get it going by making videos about
the site (JackFrostMiner, NexyPL, xDarkAbsolute, AceCraftGaming etc.).

Q: What future plans do you have for MCPE Universe?

A: We have lots of plans from making the site faster and more accessible, bringing back the forums, and adding more features to the site which I think a lot of our users will appreciate.

Q: Running a website as popular as MCPE Universe is, what challenges have you faced to keep it up and running- and mostly to keep people happy?

A: MCPE Universe was the first site I ever created, I didn’t know anything when I set out to make it, and it’s been a learning curve from that point on. We struggled a lot with very slow loading times and the site constantly going down from overloading – but I think we are in a very good place now. With the help of WIlliamTDR, I think
the site is at its best right now.

Q: Besides taking care of MCPE Universe, what activities do you like to do or participate in that relate to Minecraft Pocket Edition and/or its community?

A: I mostly just like playing the game, blowing up creepers and such.

Q: What have you learned from running such a large site, and keeping alive an important piece of the community?

A: It’s not easy. It can get very stressful at times, but I know it’s now the go-to way for people to share their content, and I will continue to support it.

Q: Do you ever watch Minecraft Pocket Edition videos? If so, who are some of your favorite commentators?

A: I don’t really watch anymore but when I did I really enjoyed watching the videos of Nexy, Ace, Jack, xDarkabsolute, Juklg8, and many more.

Q: Following up the previous question – what makes these commentators your favorite?

A: It isn’t easy making videos for a handheld device – not many people succeed at it. I feel like it takes a lot of effort to make the Pocket Edition version of the game to be as entertaing as the PC version, and
these commentators do a great job at it.

Q: You have the whole community wondering- why did you step away from twitter interacting?

A: As much as I enjoyed Twitter and interacting with a lot of cool people in the community, I felt that it was impeding on my social life and my studies, so I had to step away. I am sorry that I stepped away so suddenly. If
I could go back I would probably do it differently.

Q: Do you play any games in your free time? If so, what are some of them?

A: I am mostly a PC gamer, so I play games like Battlefield 4 and GTA V and I am a very into Hearthstone.

A huge thank you from MCPE Stuffs to SPL1TR or MCPEPorts, for doing this great interview! Please be sure to visit the links below to support SPL1TR – he would greatly appreciate it! Also if you enjoyed reading this interview, be sure to comment below telling us what you loved about it.


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