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[News] The Skin Packs Update

If you are somewhat familiar with Minecraft on consoles, you may have heard of Skin Packs. As the Minecraft Wiki states, “Skin Packs are available in the Console Edition as downloadable content. Skin Packs add additional skins that players may choose from along with the 8 default skins packaged with the game. They often feature characters from other video games, alongside original designs.

Now why are we discussing this topic today? Well, recently in the Minecraft Pocket Edition community, the hype for skin packs has gone off the charts… at least for most of us. Though this feature is not actually yet available for MCPE, there has been rumors that Skin Packs may show up in the 0.11.0 beta build 10.

Most of us love the idea of Skin Packs. It’s amazing! Others, not so much. Rage Elixir, a Minecraft Pocket Edition YouTuber, is one who enjoys the idea. In one of his recent videos, he entertains his users by playing on the Lifeboat Survival Games server, while he uses his persuading techniques to convince the ones who currently are not fans of Skin Packs, to become more fond of them.

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  • Xapk_gamerx commented on 11/07/2015 Reply

    hi I want the birthday skin pack on pe cause it sucks with out it

  • SkysBudder200 commented on 07/05/2015 Reply

    You would have to by them then like you do on consoles

    • Chris_NML commented on 11/05/2015 Reply


  • SkysBudder200 commented on 07/05/2015 Reply

    Screw skin packs

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