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[News] The TakeTwo Network

The cat is out of the bag—TakeTwo is coming! The TakeTwo Network, for starters, is an upcoming KitPvP server in development by myself (FloppyDash) and Sean_MCPE. It features Boltingthunder as a server administrator, BearVJack as a server moderator, FattyWhale and I as builders—and lastly, an exclusive map that will utilize new potion effects coming in Minecraft Pocket Edition’s soon to be released 0.11.0.


The server will feature ten maps, each with sizes of either [50×50] blocks, or a smaller version of [25×25] blocks, all of which will give players certain kit advantages. Players will receive “potions” (different colored dyes) in their kits that they can use to either affect everyone nearby, or just themselves by tapping the ground. TakeTwo has auto-soup plugins and custom death messages that pop up in the text slot just above your hotbar. This innovation is unique in the sense that players can have fun by selecting exclusive kits that only appear on our server, and/or new ones that come out with server updates and changes.

Occasionally, I will release a particular tweet on my Twitter account, and when that tweet hits one-hundred favorites, a list of in-development maps will be released. Sean and I have been doing this for most of the server features so far, nor do we plan on changing this method anytime soon. If you want to help support the server and speed up its rate of growth, follow myself, as well as Sean on Twitter so you can participate in these “favorite-o-meters”.


The TakeTwo KitPvP server is planned to release around the same date Minecraft Pocket Edition’s official 0.11.0 version releases. iOS users must be tired of having no beta, so when you’re finally able to update it’ll be great, won’t it? You might as well add our new upcoming server to a list of the 0.11.0’s new features—you’re not going to want to miss out on the TakeTwo Network!

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