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[News] Two Versions… One server?! New on Lifeboat

Recently you may have seen networks such as InPvP, Lifeboat, and others, releasing beta servers for the upcoming version of Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.11.0. You may have also noticed that if you are still running the 0.10.x versions of MCPE, you are not able to play with the 0.11.0 players – which is upsetting.

Luckily though, William Teder is implementing a new feature into the Lifeboat Survival Games servers which cracks this issue, and allows the two different versions of Pocket Edition to play with each other.

Even though the new feature was not released today (March 4th, 2015), William did give us a sign this it will be happening very soon.

When this feature is officially added into the Lifeboat Survival Games servers, this post will be updated accordingly. To stay up to date with this news, be sure to follow either William Teder on twitter, or even the official Lifeboat Network account!

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