Top 5 Funniest Minecraft Biomes

#6 Desert


This one makes the list because it’s easily misspelt to become my favourite enjoyable treat. And that’s obviously desert.

#5 Swamp


Shrek isn’t even in this swamp. Haha, isn’t that funny?

#4 Plains


Plains are side splittingly funny. Just cause they’re plain- much like this hilarious list! Haha!

#3 Deep Ocean


Do you know why this one is funny? Because it’s deep, just like the comedic songwoman Adele.

#2 Mushroom Island


They have hilariously coloured cows on them… Or should I say.. CLowns?

#1 Ice Spikes


And finally, the funniest Minecraft biome. They’re almost as funny as the movie they’re inspired by- Japan’s hit phallic anime film, Frozen, directed by Lord Stephen Spielberg. Isn’t that funny?

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