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  • Donnie commented on 17/07/2015 Reply

    Is there enchanting? What about bunnies? Is the crafting guide like the pc now what does the enventory look like now?!!!!

  • luis fernando commented on 16/07/2015 Reply

    Yo quiero tener la versión 0.12.0 de minicraft para gujarlo.
    También qui ero desir les amis amigos.

  • Ethan Morey commented on 09/07/2015 Reply

    Yes 21 days from now! I see the devs have been working hard on the nether and stuff. Also, baby villagers and zombies sounds are more high pitched, so possibly baby zombie pigmen? Seriously its almost here! So excited.

  • MinecraftGames_X commented on 08/07/2015 Reply


    • MinecraftGames_X commented on 08/07/2015 Reply

      21 more days YAY but thats after school holidays…..

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