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[Lifeboat] Let’s Talk Lifeboat Walls PvP

Today, we are going to chat about the upcoming Lifeboat Walls PvP game mode. I do not want to waste anytime, so let’s get right into it.

First let’s discuss the spawns. That’s right, plural! Lifeboat Walls (at initial release) will begin with a bland spawn, while SerperiorCraft works on a more detailed one in the mean time.

Instead of just leaving you with proof to backup what I said, let me actually show you the spawn you will first see during the Walls PvP’s initial release.

CHuwNLrWwAE8YGW CHt8MepUAAA0s3j CHty5qlWwAApbxgIn these images you will be able to see the PvP arena that will be available to players within the Walls PvP lobby, the kits that will be available to use in games, and an overview of the whole lobby.

This is the lobby you will first see. Later on, the Lifeboat team will update the Walls PvP game mode with a new lobby. Sadly, we only have one available picture of this new build so far.


In this image, you are able to see the spawning platform, and the kits area, where of course, players select their kits. Don’t worry, SerperiorCraft is adding more to the lobby than just this, to make it more fun.

So now you know about the lobbies, but what can we expect in-game? Kits is what you can expect! There is a variety of them that will be available to players. Some will have to be bought with coins, some will be unlocked after a player purchases VIP/VIP+ ranks for the game mode, and the rest will be available free to all players no matter what. This image @lifeboatmc tweeted gives us a pretty good idea of what kits we can expect to see.

CF-Pk5rWoAAwJj_Now what is a game mode without maps to go along with it?

I am not exactly sure what the name of each map we are about to show you is, but what I do know is that they look beautiful! Unfortunately, the Lifeboat team has not released many screenshots of the maps you will see in this new game mode.

CGq7HSkUAAA9CHI CJLJ3roW8AA-t7sSo now you know pretty much everything there is to Lifeboat Walls PvP… except for the release date! I (Justin) am apart of the Lifeboat team as a Customer Support Representative—and I answer this question many times each day. All I can tell you is-is that our team is working hard to wrap everything up and push our the official game mode release. Truly, only time will tell. Expect to see a release within the upcoming weeks, hopefully.

After reading this post, you are an intelligent guy/girl! You now know pretty much everything there is to know about the new Lifeboat game mode coming up.

If you enjoyed reading, please leave a comment telling me! Is there anything I can improve on in my writing? Let me know!

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  • Paul commented on 10/09/2015 Reply

    Bla ba

  • Abby commented on 27/07/2015 Reply

    Wow they get stuff un FAIR

  • Abby commented on 27/07/2015 Reply

    Do u have a sister named Abby like me

  • Abby commented on 27/07/2015 Reply


  • Tristin Miller commented on 19/07/2015 Reply

    when will the walls be released

  • AssassinsCraft commented on 14/07/2015 Reply

    OK! Thanks for all your HARD work for the server…
    I really appreciate it! <3 (this is ALWAYS going to be my fav server)

  • AssassinsCraft commented on 14/07/2015 Reply

    PLZ RELEAS NOW… Jk (only time will tell) thx for ALL your guys HARD work for the server I REALY appreciate it <3

    • Abby commented on 27/07/2015 Reply

      Are u the OWNER of mineplex

  • mightysun99 commented on 07/07/2015 Reply

    Awesome! Thanks for the overview very insightful!

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