[Beta] MCPE 0.12.0 Beta – Build 1

The release of the official 0.12.0 update is coming really soon. Developers have continued to release new builds for the beta, fixing bugs, as well as adding new features to the game.

Below you will find the changelog of the newest 0.12.0 beta build.


Changelog For Build 0.12.0 Beta 1

New features

* The Nether!
* Nether portals
* Blazes
* Nether fortresses
* and so on,
* But no Wither
* Heads!
* Sprinting
* Sneaking
* Hunger
* Collectable experience
* Revamped touch controls
* Potions, brewing and the Brewing Stand!
* Enchants, enchanting and the Enchanting Table!
* Anvils and repairing.
* Rain and Snow!
* Flower pots!
* Snow accumulates in snowy biomes!
* Controller support and the controller mapping screen!
* Ocelots!
* Cross play with the Windows 10 edition (in the final version)
* New sounds
* Golems, and a new AI for Villagers

Fixed bugs

* Many

New Bugs

* Plenty

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  • emraldminer2000 commented on 02/08/2015 Reply

    How can I get the beta build for ios

    • Ethan Morey commented on 03/08/2015 Reply

      Sorry you can only beta on android devices, and I think kindle fires might do it jugoslava i’m not certain.

      • Ethan Morey commented on 03/08/2015 Reply

        Okay, now what is a jugoslava? I guess lag + typing too fast + bad autocorrect = jugoslava. (I meànt ‘also’)

  • agamerboy commented on 30/07/2015 Reply

    Awesome I can’t wait for it to rain in my world lol!

  • johnrichard commented on 30/07/2015 Reply

    Can we go in?I have 0.12.0 already pls open it

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