[Beta] MCPE 0.12.0 Beta – Build 2

The release of the official 0.12.0 update is coming really soon. Developers have continued to release new builds for the beta, fixing bugs, as well as adding new features to the game.

Below you will find the changelog of the newest 0.12.0 beta build.


Changelog For Build 0.12.0 Beta 2

* Added a Tame button for ocelots
* Made the flight controls a little bit smaller
* Breaking crops now always drops seeds

Bug fixes
* Hopefully, it’ll start on Android < 4.2
* Fixed crash on opening controller screen
* Fixed a crash happening after waiting a long time in snowy biomes
* Fixed many multiplayer bugs (if not blame Shoghi)
* Sprinting doesn’t stop if strafing left or right
* Can now pull squids with fishing rods
* Weather now resumes correctly after suspending the app
* The portal effect now plays when stepping inside a portal
* Snowballs don’t change color anymore at random
* Magma cubes correctly jump in multiplayer
* Fixed being able to move the character while a menu screen is open
* Fixed not being able to exit the Option screen with Back when switching to touch inputs
* Grass picked up with Silk Touch is now correct
* Can now place items in the second anvil slot
* The Snow Golem doesn’t have a derp face anymore sorry 🙁
* Swap Jump and Sneak option is now saved

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