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[News] MCPE 0.12.0 / Windows 10 Minecraft Preview & Release Date

Earlier at Minecon, popular YouTuber Guude uploaded a video of him checking out the upcoming Minecraft for Windows 10, which Tommaso sas is based on Pocket Editon.

This is where the screenshots of the PE nether came from that we saw earlier, destined for 0.12.0.

Tommaso confirmed via Twitter that this is exactly the same as Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12.0, and says in the video that you can “play with people that are on Pocket [Edition]”.

Notable new features include obviously the nether, more boats, potions (which is why the effects are available in 0.11.0), experience, and a bunch of unique new structures. It’s also way faster than the PC version too, which is excellent. Oh, and you’ll also be able to use Bluetooth keyboards and console controllers to play the game! The news post on the Mojang website shares an amazing new feature- there’ll be enchantment tables too, so we’ll finally be able to enchant our swords and armour!

The most important news, is that Minecraft PE 0.12.0 and the Windows 10 version will both be released on the 29th July, exactly the same day that everyone gets their free Windows 10 upgrade.

Edit: the release date has changed to August. You can get the android beta here now.

Awesome right?

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  • David commented on 09/10/2015 Reply

    Plz to mason tell us is it today cause if it’s not I’m gonna die. Thank you.

  • Elias commented on 17/09/2015 Reply

    Can you make a update in Minecraft Pocket Edition ple

  • Zach commented on 02/09/2015 Reply

    It is September and still no update ????!!

  • Zach commented on 02/09/2015 Reply

    It is August and still no update ????!!

  • QuickStrick21 commented on 27/08/2015 Reply

    Plz tell us the official release date for iOS. ?????

  • QuickStrick21 commented on 27/08/2015 Reply

    I’m so exited for mcpe 0.12.0

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