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Minecon MCPE Panel Countdown

The MCPE Servers & Community panel includes many developers from the Pocket Edition server community. On the panel we’ll see-

  • Knownunown, a LBSG developer
  • Marc Watson, the Mojang support man
  • Shoghi Cervantes, the developer of MCPE and PocketMine MP (the stuff that powers all servers)
  • TruDan, an InPVPNetwork developer
  • WilliamTDR, the owner and developer of LBSG
  • iPhonetips1, the owner and developer of InPVPNetwork
  • intyre, seems to work on PocketMine

Learn about the exciting world of Pocket Edition servers. Talk to the owners and developers from Instant Network, known for their Block Hunt and TNT Run servers, and the Lifeboat Network, for their Survival Games and Skywars servers. The lead developer of PocketMine, a popular choice for these servers and newfound Mojangster, will also speak on where PE servers are heading and how he helped people connect on their mobile devices. There will also be a Q&A session.

Watch the panel stream below!

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  • Mona Alaa commented on 15/07/2015 Reply

    I Really Can’t Wait For The Update I Will Be So Happpppyyyyyyyyyyyy =D

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