[News] Mineplex Announces MCPE Server

PC minigame server overlord Mineplex announced the other day that they’re beginning developmentย on a new Minecraft Pocket Edition minigame network, to compete with our beloved Lifeboat Survival Games and Instant PVP Network.


Mineplex Pocket Edition is the Mineplex you know and love, recreated on Minecraft Pocket Edition for mobile phones and tablets. Now you will be able to play your favorite games whether you’re at home or on the go!

Mineplex recently ‘broke’ the record for the most players on a server at once – 40,000. Unbeknownst to them, Lifeboat SG already had that record. When the Mineplex PE server is in full swing, it’s likely they’ll take this record indefinitely.

Powered By Redstone wrote that Mineplex’s new plans could “change multiplayer forever”, although that does seem far fetched. Hopefully Mineplex can recreate some of their hottest minigames within PE’s limits, such as Draw My Thing or Super Smash Mobs, stuff we haven’t seen on any PE server.

Lifeboat’s notable minigames only include Sky Wars, Spleef, & Survival Games, and InPVP with their Hunger Games & Block Hunt. Mineplex already has a far more diverse range of games on their PC server, and we’re likely to see the most popular ones make their way to the new Pocket Edition server.

Do you think the new Mineplex server is awesome? Should LBSG and InPVP be worried? Comment below!

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  • Nazhoni commented on 29/05/2016 Reply


  • Ancient_WynnXL commented on 05/05/2016 Reply

    Oh yea, Mineplex Will be the main thing ill join. Hypixel Pe not so much but Super smash mobs is one of the main things i like the most in regular mineplex

  • Nikola commented on 14/04/2016 Reply

    Omg! This is awesome! Realy awesome! Neznam sta da kazem oko ovoga predobro! Nemogu vjerovati!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    me!omg!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Nikola commented on 14/04/2016 Reply

    Omg! This is awesome! Realy awesome!omg!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Jay_ commented on 24/03/2016 Reply

    yes mineplex in minecraft pocket edition well be cool and all but if lbsg and pvp server mit not be so worried so yeah mineplex in pocket edition is very VERY Cool can’t wait see mineplex in pocket edition

  • squidblaster33 commented on 14/02/2016 Reply

    Yaaaaa……. They should be worried. I’ve played it. I’ve loved it. They r so going to break that record. Seriously.

  • TROLOLOL commented on 23/01/2016 Reply

    awesome stuff

  • Feraru Eduard commented on 10/01/2016 Reply


  • Jarvis commented on 04/01/2016 Reply

    So cool sick

  • PvPcrafter99 commented on 30/12/2015 Reply

    MinPlex will be awesome it got a lot of minigames

    • Jay_ commented on 24/03/2016 Reply

      I agree with that

  • David monteiro commented on 30/12/2015 Reply

    Yes they should mineplex is the best sever I have ever been on so I think so!!

  • Stone_teamTDM_YT commented on 27/12/2015 Reply

    I want this server

  • Coolbulider588 commented on 10/12/2015 Reply

    OMG This is so exiting I have Hypixel now for mineplex yes!!!!

  • Wilder978 commented on 05/12/2015 Reply


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