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More 0.12.0 News

Over at Minecon, a panel discussing the new features coming to Minecraft just wrapped up. To share the news with everyone, we’ve put together a list of everything they announced.

  • Zombie villagers!
  • Zombie villagers will keep their jobs, so zombie farmers will dress like farmers
  • Potions will be brewable
  • You’ll be able to use anvils on your gear
  • Sprinting has been added, along with sneaking
  • Sprinting uses hunger, which is also new
  • You can use controllers and keyboards with Android and iOS
  • The UI elements will be moveable, so you can move the hearts to a new area if the screen
  • The whole nether. All of it.
  • Experience and enchanting 
  • Redstone will be added this year
  • Ocelots will appear
  • The wither might already be in 0.12.0, or will come in the next version
  • Realms will be back this year
  • Weather has been added- finally we can mine in the snow!
  • In game music has been added, so now you can listen to soothing tunes as you mine
  • Mob heads
  • Flower pots
  • Iron golems?!
  • Boats of every type of wood

I accidentally didn’t save the rest of my notes, so hopefully that’s everything. Comment if you’re excited!

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  • LUKE commented on 29/07/2015 Reply

    Where’s the update

  • TheRedGamerMC commented on 08/07/2015 Reply

    Is’nt commands are coming in 0.12.0??? or not??
    (sorry for bad grammar)

  • Jammer commented on 07/07/2015 Reply

    Woah cool! I can’t wait to get it! I wonder if we r getting red stone and stuff.?.?.?…..

    • PocketMines commented on 08/07/2015 Reply

      Redstone won’t be in 0.12.9, but will come this year 🙂

  • Angela Amido commented on 06/07/2015 Reply

    I’m so excited!I wish it would release in july 8th instead of july 29th

  • SkyForces777 commented on 06/07/2015 Reply


    • PocketMines commented on 06/07/2015 Reply

      Betas are good! They help get all of the bugs fixed before the iOS users play it. Otherwise, the iOS version would be super buggy.

  • Ethan Morey commented on 06/07/2015 Reply

    This is going to be a huge change to Minecraft PE! With all of this, it’s ALMOST exactly the same as console! Good job to the mojang team and devs for sugesting these hard-to-code features into pocket!

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