[Mod] Power Pills Mod

This new mod by JoePaleto adds simple to craft magic pills to Minecraft PE, that give you special abilities when they are eaten.


It adds the following pills-

  • An empty pill capsule, for crafting pills. (ID 1400)
  • The deadly pill, which gives the player the wither effect. (ID 1401)
  • The golden pill, letting the player regenerate hearts. (ID 1402)
  • The immune booster pill, that allows the player to jump higher. (ID 1403)
  • A love pill, that heals the player. (ID 1404)
  • The nature pill, which makes the player faster. (ID 1405)
  • A spicy pill, allowing the player to walk through fire. (ID 1406)
  • And a water pill, to allow underwater breathing. (ID 1407)

Currently, the mod doesn’t let you craft the pills, and there are some bugs, but the developer plans to add that soon. For now you have to use the IDs or TMI to get the pills.


Get it- Power Pills


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