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[News] XP Confirmed for 0.12.0?

When talking about a new file that lets you customise the location of GUI elements, like buttons and hearts, developer Tomasso Checci ‘accidentally’ announced another awesome new feature.

That’s right, experience! 

XP is collected by killing mobs and mining ores, and is then used for enchanting your items or hammering an anvil.
Currently in Pocket Edition, there’s no use for experience, so it’s likely the developers will also add enchanting tables and maybe anvils, so that there’s an actual use for the new XP.

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  • Alex Rider commented on 03/07/2015 Reply

    Hullo I am Alex rider, and if tommaso is not lying? I will find where he lives, and send him a cat,a dog, a ps4,a computer, and a band.please tell me this is not fake! See you all later,
    Alex Rider,

    • PocketMines commented on 03/07/2015 Reply

      That sure is nice of you :p

      • Alex Rider commented on 05/07/2015 Reply


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