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[Beta] MCPE 0.12.1 Beta – Build 12

The release of the official 0.12.1 update is nearly here! Developers have continued to release new builds for the beta, fixing bugs, as well as adding new features to the game.

Below you will find the changelog of the newest 0.12.1 beta build.


Changelog For Build 0.12.0 Beta 12


  • Fishing rod now makes a less repetitive sound
  • Digging and walking sounds are now same as on PC
  • Slimes now use the correct sounds
  • Silverfish no longer make sound while moving
  • Skeletons and wither skeletons now have a proper death sound
  • Lava in the Nether now flows like on PC
  • Nerfed dat beetroot soup

Bug Fixes

  • Breaking animation of chest is now visible from all sides
  • Critical hits now with more particles
  • More good vibrations when destroying 2 high plants
  • Fixed chest staying open after use.
  • Fixed skeletons holding bows incorrectly
  • Fixed breaking a brewing stand drops the wrong item
  • Enchanted items now get properly synched between clients and server
  • Fixed crash on opening the stonecutter
  • Fixed fishing sometimes giving you stacks of infinite Inc-sacs
  • Fixed fishing bobber not going down far enough when a fish bites
  • Beet roots no longer use stone sound when mined
  • Fixed mining 2 high plants not working correct in multi-player
  • Zombie pigmen now attack iron golems
  • Endermen now teleport away when about to be hit by arrow
  • Jungle leaves no longer magically disappear
  • Zombie spawn eggs now sometimes spawn zombie villagers
  • Fixed wolves attacking cats when player punches them
  • Snow covered ice now has expected behaviour (what ever that might have been)
  • Player can no longer push golems through walls
  • Trapdoors no longer suffocate players
  • Trapdoors can now be placed on bottom and top side of a block
  • Creepers now flash white and explode when ignited with flint and steel
  • Fixed dynamite having a small explosion range when on top of a fence
  • Trees now drop apples from decaying leaves
  • Torches can now be placed on nether brick fences
  • Player now holds the bow correctly in 3rd person
  • Player now holds sugarcane correctly in 3rd person

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