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[News] Minecraft Story Mode Heading to Wii U

Finally, Minecraft is coming to a Nintendo platform… sort of. Over on The Verge, Telltale Games announced that the upcoming game Minecraft Story Mode will be available for the Wii U, making it the first Minecraft game available on Nintendo.

There’s still no real reason why we haven’t seen Minecraft on the Wii U. The Wii U’s hardware already rivals that of the iPhone 6, which runs Minecraft Pocket Edition well. We’ve already got Minecraft on the PlayStation Vita, and it’s clear that Minecraft would work just as great on a Wii U.

The first episode of Minecraft Story Mode is set to debut by the end of this year, but no current date is specified.

“We know what it’s like to craft, to hunt, to build, to survive, and to play with friends and grow a community, but imagining those ideas as happening through living characters in conversations — friends trying to stick together, aspiring to do something legendary, or simply trying to have fun building something together – it becomes a completely different way of experiencing everything you’ve already done in this universe, or perhaps even things you have yet to do.” says Job Stauffer, director of creative communications at Telltale Games. “Not every player may have faced an Ender Dragon or journeyed into the Nether – but many of these characters have. In that way, certainly we’re shedding light on some things not every player may be aware of.”

TellTale Games are known for many other quality story games, such as The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones, so there’s no doubt that this game will be great. You can find out more about Minecraft Story Mode in our article here.

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