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What should we look forward to most in the next update?

As everyone knows, the feature filled 0.12.0 update is under development, but what exactly should we look forward to most in this next version? Let’s have a look.

Hunger, Sprint & Sneak

There is no doubt whatsoever these three features have been some of the most wanted by the community for years. It’s about time the developers finally stepped up and added them.


Enchanting is a game changer, plain and simple. It adds in a whole new set of possibilities to the game. No more needed to be said.

New Controls

That’s right, I added new controls to this list. Hear me out before getting heated. A whole new button added to the in-game playing screen is annoying, and really inconvenient—but keep in mind this allowed developers to make the additions of sprint, sneak, and controller/keyboard support. Having these new abilities are huge changes to the game. Ones that are much needed.

Nether Dimension

There is no way I was going to leave this off of the list. The Nether is another big game changer. It gives players a whole new world to explore, not to mention the loads of new items, mobs, and blocks the Nether brings to the game.

All in all, “What should we look forward to most in the next update?”, is strictly an opinion question. Each of us gets excited over different features.

Now I am curious. What feature in the next update are you looking forward to most? Be sure to leave a comment letting me know. Alternatively, tweet your answer to us on Twitter!

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  • Herobrineskull commented on 17/08/2015 Reply

    Definitely looking forward to the plans for Redstone in 0.13! Looks like the Devs are already working on it as Daniel tweeted a few days ago! 😀

    • imnofox commented on 20/08/2015 Reply

      Did he? I’d better find that tweet :p

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