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[Tutorial] How to Enchant in 0.12.1

Enchanting has been one of the many things the Minecraft: Pocket Edition Community has been asking to be added to MCPE in a update for a long time, and now it’s here!

Enchanting is when you take your armour, weapon or tool and give it cool magic effects. To enchant an item, you need a bunch of experience points and a few pieces of lapis lazuli.

There are many awesome enchantments, such as sharpness (makes your weapon sharper!), silk touch (for pickaxes, it lets you mine blocks that you usually can’t mine like glass and leaves).

Simply place your unenchanted item and some lapis lazuli in the table, and tap on an enchantment level to enchant your item- it’s really easy.

To get really good enchantments, it’s best to arrange bookshelves around your enchanting table like this-


Enchanting tools and items really makes Minecraft PE a much more easy and fun game to play.

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