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[News] Minecraft W10 Edition Getting FULL Oculus Rift Support

Oculus Rift, the first major virtual reality system, just had it’s second huge developer conference discusing all the cool things developer can make with the Oculus Rift platform.

One of the major announcements made at the conference was that Minecraft Windows 10 Edition (the Pocket Edition clone for PC) will be fully supported with the Oculus Rift, so you can use your Oculus to explore Minecraft in virtual reality.

Minecraft wasn’t always going to come to the Oculus. Last year, the creator of Minecraft, Markus ‘Notch’ Persson chose not to partner up with Oculus due to his dislike of Facebook now owning it. With the Microsoft Hololens and finally the Oculus partnership, it’s clear the Microsoft aquisition of Minecraft has resulted in some great new ways to play Minecraft.

Many people have used Rifts with PC Minecraft using a fancy mod so it will be great to see it fully supported without having to fiddle with packages and silly mod loaders.

Who wants to play Lifeboat Survival Games with virtual reality? Comment below what you would use Minecraft on the Oculus Rift for!

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