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[News] Hypixel Secretly Joins the Club of MCPE Servers

Hypixel announced the other day that they’ve secretly had Hypixel PE running for a few weeks now, known as Bladestorm, something nobody had any idea was related to Hypixel.

‘Bladestorm’ managed to attract 400,000 unique players during it’s secretive testing mode, and had 9000 users on at once at one point. It already has some of the best Hypixel games, including skywars, build battles, simon says, brawl and survival games.

Hypixel PE is being developed by a few known people. Guran is known for his development of a faster PocketMine alternative called MiNET, which is being used for the Hypixel PE project. Trudan is also now known to be working on Hypixel, whom you may remember from his work on the popular InPVPNetwork. There’s also Minikloon, who was already a developer on the PC Hypixel network.

This announcement has taken everybody by surprise, but it sure is welcome news. Hopefully we see more cool new groundbreaking MCPE games coming from Hypixel in the next few months. Looks like Lifeboat’s finally got a huge challenger!

You can play on Hypixel PE by adding the following address to your server list:

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