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[News] Mojang Q&A Livestream – All the answers!

Earlier this morning (while I was sleeping) the MCPE Team did a Q&A livestream over on Twitch. Here’s all the questions and their answers 🙂

Watch live video from Mojang on Twitch


Any plans for increasing the build height limit?

Yeah, sure! They’re taking time, but they want to do it soon.

Do you plan on adding ingame music & jukeboxes?

Yes! The problem is, the game storage size would increase from 15mb to 100mb, so Jeb wants to make it as an addon.

If classic crafting is added in 0.13.0, will there be an option to keep MATTIS crafting?

They’re trying to figure it out, but as some recipes like banners get really complicated so wouldn’t work well at all with the MATTIS system. They’re also trying out a recipe book on Windows 10 edition.

Do you plan on adding a way to switch resource packs in game, or will we have to keep using BlockLauncher?

Yeah. Texture packs will be able to move UI and add shaders, but won’t come any time soon.

Will there be Mojang official player authentication for servers?

Yes, Shoghi says he’s already working on it. That means you won’t have to type your password into every server you join!

Any plans to add a VR or Google Cardboard to MCPE?

They’re actually working on that right now with WIndows 10 Edition and the Oculus Rift and Gear VR.  However, Google Cardboard is really crap, so isn’t worth supporting with MCPE.

Will you implement the 3D touch the iPhone 6S, so that pressing hard breaks the block and pressing lightly places the block?

You might be able to remap, and Tommaso likes the idea. However, it’s the least of priorities as it only works on one device.

When PE is as finished as PC, will we be able to play on PC servers and with PC over lan?

They don’t really know.

Will old phones always be supported?

They try to make them work, but if they’re too crappy they must drop devices.

How would you guys plan to reduce redstone lag?

They’ve had lots of idea, which is what took them so long. They’ve got some complicated thing that I don’t understand.

Will the be a tool pack to help build better mods?

Part of Minecraft’s vision is to be able to mod API, but it’s a really far fetched goal, so it will be a while.

At Minecon, Daniel said the wither would come in 0.12.0, which it didn’t, it would come in the next update. Will it?

It will be there eventually, maybe.

Are you planning on improving the ocean such as coral, fish, etc?

Eventually the ocean monuments will be added. Coral has been a non-existent item in PC since alpha, but Jeb didn’t expand on that.

Why are achievements not functional in creative worlds on W10 edition, and are still not functional when the world is converted to survival?

Using creative for achievements is like cheating, so they are disabled.

Why’d you get rid of the stonecutter?

The stonecutter was added because the workbench had too many recipes in the list so they split away the stone recipes, but now it’s no longer needed. It’s still available in creative.

Will you be able to open chests in creative?

They need to solve UI issues, and it’s currently really glitchy. They want to work on them.

Will PC nametag easter eggs work on PE?

It’s not high priority.

Will we be seeing new mobs, dimensions, biomes, etc- something exclusive to PE?

Tommaso wants to add biomes, underworlds, and stuff, but is too busy at the moment.

Do you guys plan on adding written books?


Will there be an F3 mode?

The F3 is a debug button that’s not really part of the game. Jeb wants to design things to make F3 obsolete. F3 is practically cheating. Eventually they’ll be a non-cheaty replacement.

Does the MCPE intend to keep the new accelerated release schedule?

They’re going to slow down enough to reduce bugs, but get in as many features as we can.

What is the most difficult PC feature to port to PE?

Redstone, the wither (none of the boss battle system is implemented), infinite worlds, modding.

Where are realms!?

They’re working on the authentication to get them coming back.

Is 0.13.0 going to be the last alpha update? The team said 1.0.0 would come after sprinting, hunger, and redstone.

Probably won’t be the last alpha, but will be one of the last.

Will we ever see a Chromebook port of PE?

They ask themselves if people actually use them (I write this from my Chromebook), and it hasn’t been considered. Apparently Google tried to port the game to Javascript but it went horrible so it got canned.

What are you’re favourite games?


Tommaso: Mario Galaxy 64

Jens: Starcraft: Brood War

Shoghi: Portal & Minecraft

Daniel: Minecraft

What is your favourite thing about working at Mojang?

Tommaso: Likes having a job.

Jens: Really likes working on Minecraft

Shoghi: All of Mojang

Daniel: Likes the fun company and the community interaction

Owen: Likes the diversity of the game community- YouTube, builds, etc

How often do you guys play Minecraft in your spare time?

Shoghi: Plays most nights, sometimes with Daniel

Daniel: Plays a lot- mostly at work

Tommaso: Not as much, as he plays heaps of other games.

Jens: tries to play more so he has something to show his relatives

Will ender pearls be added?

Yeah, everything will be added eventually. Ender pearls will be needed to get to the end.

Can we get slabs & stairs for most blocks?

Jeb thinks all the stairs & slabs are added, and there’s not intention to add any more.

How strong is Jeb?

Enough to lift a giant creeper, which Shoghi can lift faster.

Will you add llamas?

Jeb says either llamas or alpacas, because it would be really funny to see a sheep with a long neck. Tommaso suggests making mountain sheep these long necked ones instead.

How do you keep in touch with the real players?

They recently went to Japan and met real players there. They will have another meetup with Shoghi and Daniel in Buenos Aires, but invite only. Jens reads all emails and Twitter mentions. Sometimes they need ideas, which is when Jeb visits /r/minecraftsuggestions. Tommaso lurks on Reddit and YouTube, and Daniel spends a lot of time watching Minecraft on YouTube.

Are monkeys getting added?

Not currently planned.

In the midst of so many survival games coming out, do you have any plans to make Minecraft more realistic?

Not really. Jeb likes the look and feel of Minecraft, saying it’s inviting. Minecraft isn’t serious but still scary and adventurous. DayZ feels more specific.

Tommaso says if they focus on survival features, it’s not so good for people who don’t play survival.

Will you add programmable robots?

Would be good as a mod, says Jeb, wouldn’t fir in well with vanilla.

Anything to say about Herobrine?

Apparently Shoghi’s removed him three times.

Could you add game centre achievements?

When the idea was suggested three years ago, Jeb was against it.

Will horses come in 0.13.0?

No. The horses are done, but the UI isn’t.

Will trading come in 0.13.0

No, just need to sort out the UI.

Are you going to add a way to connect your Mojang account to your skin and name sync?

They can’t remember what they decided. Probably.

Will you add witches to witches huts?



Jeb says they’re cute, and Tomaso suggests an arctic biome. No promises.

Cars, TVs, computers?


Are you still planning to add cameras as redstone devices to take screenshots?

Yes, probably.

When can we take selfies?

You already can.


Jeb says he’s avoiding spell casting, but they could be like witches.

When do you finish PocketMine for 0.12.0 and will we have to wait a long time for 0.13.0 PocketMine? #BlameShoghi

Shoghi says he still needs to sleep, so works on PocketMine on the weekends. He wants to release something this week.

Dream dimension or shaders?

Dream dimension was a suggestion of his that was totally random, and proved to be really popular. Basically, when you sleep you end up in a dream dimension. No answer. Fancy Java shaders are actuall called processing effects. They might come in the future in resource packs.

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