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[Mod] New Redstone Mod for Android and iOS!

For once, iOS users are getting a quality mod.

Byteandahalf, the developer of the older redstone mod for Android, has finally updated his famous mod for 0.12.1- and made it for iOS users too!

The PocketPower mod implements all the favourite redstone features from the PC version, such as repeaters, pistons, pressure plates, and all that other good stuff.

Item list

  • Redstone wire
  • Lever
  • Wooden pressure plate
  • Stone pressure plate
  • Weighted pressure plate (light)
  • Weighted pressure plate (heavy)
  • Wooden button
  • Stone button
  • Repeater
  • Redstone torch
  • Redstone lamp
  • Piston
  • Sticky piston
  • Powered rail
  • Redstone block

These are all acessable in creative mode, or by using an inventory editor.

How to install


  1. Download the mod
  2. Find the mod file in your file manager
  3. Tap on the .apk file, and install it on your device!
  4. Go play with it :p


This requires a jailbroken device.

  1. Add the following source to your Cydia sources:
  2. Search for “PocketPower”
  3. Install PocketPower on your device
  4. Go play with it :p

Get it- PocketPower Mod


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