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[Beta] Android 0.13.0 Beta Testing is available now!


MCPE 0.13.0 is available for beta testing!

New Features

  • Redstone Circuits: Redstone Wire, Torch, Lamp, Levers, Buttons, Pressure plates, Tripwires, Trapped Chests, Detector Rails
  • Cute fluffy crop-eating bunnies!
  • New wooden doors

Removed Features

  • Stonecutter RIP


  • Redstone can be used to control doors, trapdoors, TNT and rails!
  • Faster boats with a different handling
  • Increased item tooltip visibility time (Windows 10 Edition)
  • Stack count labels now use a bigger and more readable font
  • Slimes and Ghasts now actually spawn!
  • Hunger restored by food items now match PC
  • Flowers created by using Bone Meal on Grass now depend on the biome
  • Skeletons now run away from Wolves

Some Bug Fixes

  • Mobs don’t suffocate in carpets anymore
  • Fixed at least as many bugs as we introduced!

Join the beta here!

Enjoy the best MCPE update yet!

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  • Jerome7 commented on 29/11/2015 Reply

    +LUKE It should by sometime in Novemeber

  • LUKE commented on 08/11/2015 Reply

    When will it come out on Apple devices

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