[Beta] MCPE 0.13.0 Beta – Build 5

The release of the official 0.13.0 update is coming really soon. Developers have continued to release new builds for the beta, fixing bugs, as well as adding new features to the game.

Below you will find the changelog of the newest 0.13.0 beta build.


Changelog For Build 0.13.0 Beta 5

Bug Fixes

  • Redstone clocks are now a bit slower, and remain in sync with NOT gates
  • Redstone dust now aligns correctly on vertical sections
  • Redstone torches don’t keep their state too long anymore
  • Changes some pixels in the new skin pack
  • Fire TV users now can look around with the controller

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  • karmaland commented on 01/12/2015 Reply

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  • Aaron1643 commented on 12/11/2015 Reply

    I need server

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