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[News] New Features Confirmed for 0.14.0

Earlier, developer Tomasso Checci retweeted a screenshot from one of MCPE’s Microsoft developers. Now we can access the survival inventory, the armour menu, and the inventory crafting bench in creative mode.

Although the screenshot points out the ability to use survival inventories in creative mode, there’s also another feature hidden there.

imageIn the bottom right corner, a witch egg is in Jason’s inventory, so it looks like witches are coming to 0.14.0.

Witches drop glowstone, redstone, gunpowder, bottles, spider eyes, and sticks, so make great farms. Be careful though, as they can hurt you with potions of slowness and poison.

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  • Louise commented on 17/02/2016 Reply

    I really want the fourteen point update because it sounds really good

  • Darius Eames commented on 16/02/2016 Reply

    I hope it will come out soon cause MC is my favorite game

    • Darius Eames commented on 16/02/2016 Reply

      Also add pistons please !!!//!///!!!!!!!

  • Harry commented on 07/02/2016 Reply

    Will we have ender perlls and be able to enchant
    On creative

  • lilydayle commented on 04/02/2016 Reply

    the only thing i really want to know is when it comes out. someone told me feb 1 but no aparently

  • Bill Gates commented on 29/01/2016 Reply

    It is official 0.14.0 is going to be released on January,29 2016.

  • Kk commented on 28/01/2016 Reply

    The update came out like 2 weeks ago and still don’t have it.

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