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Please Don’t Pirate Minecraft

Stealing’s a crime right? Not according to thousands of kids who can afford an $800 tablet, but not a $7 game.

Hundreds of YouTubers (especially the Spanish?) and other Minecraft fans extract the $7 game for every update and every beta, then share the pirated game all over the internet. Most also use links, so they’re actually profiting from stealing, while the Minecraft PE developers who actually put the hard work in coding the game for hours a day earn nothing.


MobileMinecraft, a Brazilian MCPE news blog, is one major offender.

Is it okay to steal a phone, just because you can’t afford it? Times are tough? Times will be tough for the developers if they don’t get paid for their work, so do the right thing and buy the game. Games are expensive to develop- GTAV cost $265 million to produce.

Buying a product is the best way to encourage the game to improve and tell the developers you want more. Piracy’s already screwing over the gaming industry.

Where would Minecraft be if it was only pirated? The reason it’s spread from PC to your phones, tablets, and such is because people pay for it. If everyone pirated the game like these hundreds of players, there would be no Pocket Edition, no Console Edition, no Minecraft for Holo Lens, no Minecraft for Oculus.

If you can’t afford something, don’t buy it. Wait. Earn some money.

Heck, it’s only $7. That’s super cheap for a game with no actual ending.

YouTubers are the biggest offenders.

YouTubers are the biggest offenders.

Update: MobileMinecraft read the article, continuing to defend their distribution of illegal APKs.

We try to help everyone to everyone who may not have access to MCPE, but there are people like @imnofox who can’t see it.

They continue to believe piracy is totally fine, and I’m the bad person for not understanding that.

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  • eldiablo616 commented on 10/12/2015 Reply

    Ustedes que cierran canales yo que les cierro su post y se los arrempujo por todo el culo

  • Nikitosnekit commented on 19/11/2015 Reply

    Is it okay if I have bought MCPE on ios and pirating it on Android? Also I hame MC PC and MC XBOX :p

    • Nikitosnekit commented on 19/11/2015 Reply

      Also MCPE 0.13.0 Fully released today 😀

  • misterproxd commented on 17/11/2015 Reply


  • misterproxd commented on 15/11/2015 Reply


  • CristianGamerProYT683 commented on 15/11/2015 Reply


  • Angel commented on 15/11/2015 Reply

    Not everyone believed pitucos somo like gringos There are all of high society And because you insult the case of Spain they are pirates in Spain in Peru etc. We are silver low And if I go insult or anything like you gringos are about crying babies

  • Alvaro commented on 15/11/2015 Reply

    Pero no les insulteis por favor. Ellos tienen sus razones, nosotros las nuestras. Nadie saldrá ganando ni perdiendo, sólo que ellos no tienen otra cosa que hacer que poner esto, que más les dará, si igualmente se pirateara, no sólo este juego, si no muchos otros. que ellos se preocupen por ellos, y nosotros nos preocuparemos por nosotro.
    But do not insult them please. They have his reasons, we ours. Nobody will go out winning not even losing, only that they do not have another thing that to do that to there put this, which more will give them, if equally it was pirated, not only this game, if not different many. That they worry for them, and we will worry for us.

  • Neo091 mcpe pirata commented on 15/11/2015 Reply

    Noob jajajaja…

  • Sword_22 commented on 14/11/2015 Reply

    Wait wait mmm passing alos t going to get android pc first and then tambie and alos console or by providing your drive to your friend for a week. Friend if you were the creator and you miss ubiesemos case and can not give haci strikes that if Raul takes many apks if they are of the passing of his memory sdcard wing medafiere if I send a picture is piracy ???? Sk not true and now I share part of my memory sdcard piracy ??? No amigopiensalo ablas perhaps a moment while your fault QSPM developers stop caring about this problem because if you want ablar aobre this will applaud bravo bravo !!! I mean you enchant me clear you’re not ruin the community orrible please go and do not want to hear you you do that versions of the game if I burn game cube that neither this long please the whole story !!!! Do not disturb anything else you want to annoy the creator of the post and nobody will agree ovio you say that children work reflexciona retarded. Oh and please do not see content to just apks look so you see we have another content not that assure always do play maikra and yyyy and make tontadas as only play servers you this out sand from the vagina or that You’re dying for one game and there are people so you know that using adfly not that they do only send Haci Haci reliable link goodbye and never mourn for you do to my dog

  • Sword_22 commented on 14/11/2015 Reply

    Mmmmmmm la verdad estas muy mal que te pasa las personas juegan por diversión llegas tu y lo arruinas osea estas tonto loa creadores si ganan dinero y aja si los de habla español somos los piratas y hasta órbita entiendo que quieres que los niños trabajen osea un adolesnte puedo pero afecta sus estudios y los papas no pagaran por el juego y me estas diciendo que todos tienen una tableta de 800 $ apenas y de 275$ que nos ven quejándonos de ustedes no verdad no decimos que son los mas afortunados y no quieren agregar al grupo los de habla español dime tu pagarias si minecraft costara 1000000000000000000 y fueras un niño de 11 apenas con la oportunidad de empezar a jugar el minecraft y miralos niños no compran la ttableta es el padre y hasta ahí pueden unos padres mira mi tablet esta vieja es una demás primeras RCA de tu país!!!!! Y costo mas cara que la de mi país y dime algo ……ahh tu cuantos años tienes para estar metiéndote sobre cosas del minecraft que es un juego de entre 11 y 14 años yo 12 y tu

  • Sword_22 commented on 14/11/2015 Reply

    Osea esto es lo malo la piratería de aseguro

  • Sonic commented on 14/11/2015 Reply


  • Zacarias Mier Dávila commented on 14/11/2015 Reply

    Neta, ustedes piensan que microsoft le va a dar un premio o que?
    A Microsoft les vale verga lo que ustedes están haciendo, ellos ganan millones de dolares en otras cosas no creo que se vallan a quedar pobres por un juego que cuesta 7 dólares

  • ARMY666limonBVB commented on 14/11/2015 Reply

    No lloren, no es pirata ya que los YouTubers compran el juego y lo comparten a sus suscriptores, eso no es piratería, en aptoide esta el mcpe gratis, ahí si gana dinero o que?

  • Alfredo cj commented on 14/11/2015 Reply

    No se pasen,mogang gana millones en servidores de minecraft de pc por cuentas premiun y se quejan de
    que pierden dinero,la verdad estoy en contra de la pirateria ,pero hay millones de personas comprándolo mas las cuentas premiun

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