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[News] Mojang Announces Wii U Edition

Whoops, we were a month too early.

Just today, Mojang officially announced Minecraft for the Nintendo Wii U, arriving on the eShop for $29.95 USD on the 17th of December.


Like other editions, all updates will be absolutely free, but skin packs will be able to be bought. We assume it will be just like the Pocket Edition / Windows 10 Edition, which is already played on the Fire TV.

Wii U Edition will also have off-TV play, meaning that you can continue playing Minecraft on your gamepad like MCPE when the TV is being used for other things.

Fans have wanted this edition for a long time, though previously Notch expressed little interest in bringing Minecraft to Nintendo. Luckily after the Microsoft acquisition, Minecraft’s heading everywhere.



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