[News] Former Developer Starting Game Studio – “Midnight Hub”?

6 months ago, we reported that Johan Bernhardsson was no longer working on Minecraft Pocket Edition, after developing the game since 0.3.0. Soon after, it was announced that Johan was actually leaving Mojang for unknown reasons.

Continuing with his passion of game development, today Johan announced he was starting up his own video game studio, the name of which will be announced Thursday.

“Midnight Hub”?

He also retweeted other people with similar bird avatars, who happen to also be part of the “unannounced game studio”.

Strangely, both these two individuals have tweeted curious pictures with poems, numbers, and a strange website. It’s likely this is some kind of riddle or puzzle to figure something out about the studio, or maybe just to generate hype.

I don’t have the time to solve such complex riddles, so I opened my trusty terminal and had a look at the website’s details.

Turns out, the domain is registered by Sara Casen (one of the new studio’s developers) for the organisation “Midnight Hub”. The location also matches- Johan previously said he was moving to Malmo, whoch is the location registered with this website.

Currently the website ‘midnighthub.com’  is an unpublished Squarespace website, with an unfilled template, so it looks like they’re not planning on sharing that at the same time as the studio is officially announced.

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