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[News] Item Frames Coming in 0.14.0, Just Not Quite The Same…

In a series of tweets developers Jason Major and Tomasso Checci confirmed and explained the changes in the new item frames coming in 0.14.0.

Like the PC frames, you can place any item or block in a frame to display it on your wall, however they’ve made some changes many players won’t be too hapy about.

Unlike the PC version, these item frames can’t share block space with another block or item frame, which greatly limits their use case.

Designs such as torch holders and many other fancy combinations like toilet roll holders can no longer be made.

Tommaso states he can revert this unfortunate change later, but he “would like a lot more if the game followed its own rules about how blocks should behave”.

Tommaso also stated this was the last feature being added, hinting that the beta testing is right around the corner.

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