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Microsoft Thinks Rails Should Sound Like Wool- WTF?

In the current version, 0.13.1, there appears to be a bug where placing an activator makes a wool sound. Clearly, this is totally wrong, especially as all other rails make the correct sound.

However, according to the bug report on Mojang’s bug tracker, this works as intended? What?

"Works As Intended"

Last time I checked, rails aren’t made of wool, nor are anything like wool. They don’t make that sound in the PC version either.

Janosik seems to falsely mark bugs for no good reason often. According to them, redstone torches should be off by half a tick, pot pants should always reset, and naming container blocks shouldn’t work. Never is a reason provided.

If the [QA] by Janosik’s name stands for ‘Quality Assurance’, they’re not doing a very good job.

Update: Developer Shoghi Cervantes commented on the bug report, disagreeing with the ‘Working as Intended’ label.


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